Monday, July 16, 2007

Chocolove: Ginger Crystallized in Dark Chocolate

65% Cocoa dark chocolate with small bits of crystallized ginger. The ginger gives it a sweet, crystally taste with just a touch of ginger flavor. The main flavor is still the chocolate, the ginger just provides and extra edge to the flavor. I happen to like crystallized ginger and I also like dark chocolate, so this is a combination that seems custom made for me. Not suprisingly, I like it, I think there is just enough ginger without being too much. Chocolate purists might not like it, and I don't eat it all the time, but it is a nice change of pace now and then. (160 calories; 10g fat; 16g carbs; 2g protein; 1% sodium; per 1/3rd bar [a little over an ounce])

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