Sunday, March 17, 2024

Purple Line construction in Bethesda


The Purple Line has had along and winding history with it taking a long time to get started and then stopping for a couple of years. But, it is on again and they are actively working on it in Bethesda. When finished the light-rail line will
 connect Bethesda, Silver Spring, and beyond. 

This is the Purple Line route towards Silver Spring.  The light rail tracks will be on the right and the Georgetown Branch / Capital Crescent trail on the left. Hard to see, but in the far distance people are doing work on the track area.

The Purple Line at East-West Highway looking towards downtown Bethesda. On the right you can see a partially-built access ramp which will allow you to get on the trail from East-West Highway.

Right after the Purple Line comes out from under the Air Rights building, the Georgetown Branch / Capital Crescent trail will cross over it on this bridge.  It is located at the end of Pearl Street.

The purple line where it exists the tunnel from the station. The Georgetown Branch / Capital Crescent trail is on the far side ramp.

Purple line construction between East-West Hwy and Pearl St.  They are actively working this area too.

I haven't really posted about the Purple Line, but, I did post about the Georgetown Branch trail closing in 2017, about the Purple Line Functional Plan in 2011, and about the Save the Trail petition in 2009.




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