Monday, April 4, 2022

The Rae apartments, construction update.

 The Rae is a new 343-unit, five-story apartment building being constructed on Motor City Drive across from the Home Depot and Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, Maryland.  This is the site of the former Ourisman Ford car dealership.

 Here is a context shot that I took from the bridge over the I-270 spur.  On the right is The Rae construction, in the distance behind it is the Home Depot. The road you see is Westlake Terrace which is what Fernwood Road becomes.  On the left, outside of the picture, is Montgomery Mall.


Here's a good view of the construction. In the distance to the left is the parking garage and there is the concrete block tower that the rest of the building will be built around. The building will be primarily constructed out of wood.

Here's the view from Motor City drive. What can I say, that is super ugly.  Looking at their website it does appear that there will be apartments in front of the bare concrete wall of the parking structure, so it should look a lot better once it is done.

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