Saturday, March 19, 2022

Visiting the new Trader Joe's in downtown Bethesda

Last night I went to visit the new Trader Joe's at 7900 Wisconsin Avenue.  This is the second Trader joe's on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda.  The old Trader Joe's remains open.

When you enter the store, there is a mural on the wall that says "Your Culinary Chariot Awaits" and below that are, you guessed it, the shopping carts.

On the walls above the food are various Bethesda themed murals.  Here is one of downtown bethesda from East-West Highway.  Instead of the new Marriott Headquarters there is a giant salt shaker.

The store opened for the first time at 8 am last Thursday, March 17, 2022.

One thing I do find odd is where checkout counters are.  Once you pay you have to make your way down a very narrow aisle to get to the exit.  I suspect that when the store is busy there will be a traffic jam there.


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