Monday, March 30, 2020

Explosives permit for WMAL tower demoliton expires

At the end of the driveway at the WMAL transmitter field (7115 Greentree Rd) there is a wooden pole with a number of permits attached to it.  Most of them expire in December, but one of them expired on March 27th.  The one that expired is the one that allows them to "manufacture, dispose, purchase, store, use, possess, or transport explosives within the jurisdiction".  Or, to put it bluntly, they can't blow up the towers anymore.  This isn't a deal breaker, I am sure they can apply for a new one, but it does show you that the demolition of the towers is no longer imminent.

The Three other permits I saw are:

  • Sediment Control Permit, expires late November. Gives permission to "Disturb 18,000 square feet" for the purpose of a "small land disturbing activity" (yeah, that's really what it says)
  • Right-of-way Construction Permit, expires mid December.  Gives permission to "restore and / or repair driveway"
  • Demolition / Move Permit, expires early December.  Gives permission to "Demolish Commercial Miscellaneous struc", that is the "Demolition of radio transmission towers"

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