Sunday, September 18, 2016

Go Visit the National Mall at night

 This past Friday was the Harvest Moon.  On Saturday Night I went to see the moon rise over the Capitol and see some of the monuments at night.  This is a good time of year to go, it isn't too hot or too cold, there aren't as many people as there are during the summer, and the skies are often clear.

The Lincoln Memorial is a great place to start, you can look down the reflecting pool to the Washington Monument and Capitol building.  It is a popular spot to be, even at night.  It was probably a bit more crowded than usual due to the nearly full moon.

Abe keeps his eternal vigil in the Lincoln Memorial.  He always welcomes company.

The World War II memorial is well light and has interesting fountains to see.

 The Washington Monument with the moon in the background.  That string of white dots along the bottom are pathway marker lights.

 The Washington Monument has people milling about, even at 10pm.

 You can walk right up to the monument and look straight up.  It is relaxing to sit on the ground with your legs on the monument and look up for a while.  Just be careful you don't put your hand on one of the lights, they are hot.

It seems like there is always a breeze blowing the flags that surround the Washington Monument.

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