Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Traffic Calming on Glenbrook Rd

 Glenbrook Road, between Bradley Blvd and Little Falls Parkway is getting some changes to slow traffic down.  Three types of traffic calming structures are in the process of being added.  In the top picture you can see two oval structures in the middle of the road, forcing traffic into a single, normal width travel lane and leaving a large but not quite lane width area of the street on the other side (perhaps for a bike lane?).

At the beginning and end of the street there are the same oval structures, but they are much closer to the curb, preventing cars from taking a straight line path down the street, and leaving just enough space for drainage between them and the side of the road.

Finally, at the end of the street, the intersection of Glenbrook, Little Falls, and Fairfax Rd has been modified.

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