Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Suburban Hospital gets a new logo

If you have gone down Old Georgetown Road recently, you may have looked up as you went by Suburban Hospital. And if you did look up, you may have noticed something was different. And, about the only thing that has changed recently is the logo, so that is probably what you noticed. If, however, you travels in Bethesda, MD don't take you down Old Georgetown Rd, then you probably don't know the logo has changed, or what the new logo looks like. In either case, the old logo is probably growing dim in your mind.

This logo is the same as the logo of Johns Hopkins medicine, which isn't a coincidence, Suburban Hospital is run by Hopkins medicine.

I searched my vast personal archive of photos and the best old-logo shot I had was a somewhat washed out camera phone picture taken in April of last year. Fixing the washed-outed-ness gave the bricks an darker than reality color, but made the logo look nice. As a backup, I searched for suburban hospital in the fickr bethesda pool, but it just said:
We couldn't find anything matching your search. Would you like to try a search about abandoned, baby, decay, asylum or urban instead?
Disturbing, isn't it.

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