Wednesday, January 13, 2010

50 cents, a half dollar

Last month I picked up a few at the bank and decided to spend them around town. So far, I have spent them at a number of places in Montgomery County. One person commented she hadn't seen them in a long time, another person swapped them out for money in his wallet, the most amusing one was the person at Giant who looked at them hard for about 20 seconds then put them in the cash drawer, then, took them out again and looked some more. Everyone else has just taken them without comment.

You can join in too. Next time you go to your bank, ask if they have any. I'd love to see the half-dollar be a little less obsolete, at least in Bethesda. Post your experiences in the comments.

It doesn't have to be just a Bethesda, MD thing though, other Bethesdas can join. So can Rockville and Silver Spring if they want. In fact, lets open it up to the whole country. Hey everyone in the U.S., go get some 50 cent pieces and spend them!

1 comment:

  1. I spend and give out halves as change. Just like I do two's and dollar coins.