Friday, February 27, 2009

Early Morning Road work on Old Georgetown

Around 8:30 this morning they closed two of the southbound lanes of Old Georgetown Rd between Cordell Ave and and the Wilson Ln/St Elmo Ave/Arlington Rd intersection. It wasn't like it was emergency work either, they were pulling up some steel plates to continue earlier work. 8:30 is too early for this kind of work, it created a huge, slow moving backup.

It looks like this is part of an ongoing project, don't expect them to finish it off this morning.

[where: Bethesda, MD]

Update 3:10pm: They have finished work for the day so it won't have an impact on rush hour.


  1. There is now a massive pothole where this work was done. It's a really bad one and seems to be getting worse by the day.

  2. Yup, that's a bad one. I saw a pothole crew on 355 today and was hoping they would get to Old Georgetown Rd and fix this one but they didn't.

    It is on the right side of the center lane, easy enough to avoid once you know it is there.

  3. I went by it this morning and the pothole has been patched.