Thursday, October 4, 2007

Eating Right: Lemongrass chicken

Eating Right is Safeway's house brand of healthier food. This microwave meal has white meat chicken in lemongrass sauce with brown rice and mixed vegetables. The chicken was good, moist and tender and well soaked with the lemongrass sauce. The brown rice was a little bit gummy, but when mixed with the lemongrass sauce was quite good. You could still taste the rice, as well as a hint of the sauce and the stickiness was gone. The vegetables were more of an accent than a serving of vegetables, there was a piece of brocolli, corn, red peppers and shreds of carrots. The flavor of the dish was very mild, I would really have liked a stronger sauce. Overall this tv dinner was decent, but didn't stand out. (230 calories; 7g fat; 26g carbs; 16g protein; 21% sodium; 5 weight watchers points)

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