Saturday, October 20, 2007

BabySmart Cooshee Booster Classic

The Cooshee Booster claims to be more comfortable for your kid so they stay put. I can't tell you if it is more comfortable, but I rarely have trouble when my child is in it. This booster seat is a single piece of molded foam that is brightly colored. The foam is firm, but a little bit yielding. I haven't had any trouble with it sliding around, even though there are no straps. Since there are no seams it is easy to wash with a cloth or sponge. I have had good luck using it, the only small negative is since it has a couple of inches of foam at the back, and the way my chair's back is, sometimes my kid leans back pretty far, causing spilled food (plastic bibs with pockets are great.) It also claims to be portable, and though it is light, it is also fairly bulky since it doesn't fold. View at Amazon

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