Friday, July 5, 2024

Amalyn Single Family house updates


Just the first floor

Here's an update on new single family homes at the Amalyn development in Bethesda, Maryland.  A lot of the houses have been built and people have moved in to them, but there are still a bunch under construction and a lot of open land that they will put houses on in the future.  There's a lot to cover, so this post will just be about the single family houses, I'll post about the townhouses separately.

Some of the houses along the eastern edge of the development will be quite a bit bigger than the rest.  This is one of those larger houses that is just the first floor right now.

The full house, but in wood

This is another, the house walls and roof are up but are just plywood.

Yet a third

Here's a third one, even further along.  This was the first of the really big houses and they were making fast progress but for some reason that progress has slowed down.

A house in green

This house is in a different part of the development and has a ways to go. It's walls are covered in green ZIPsystem.

Rows of tightly spaced houses

Here are a couple of rows of tightly-spaced houses. The green ones are along one road, and the white/tan ones are on another road.  They really are fully detached houses even though they don't look that way.

That's a tall ladder

They have been painting this house and have some really tall laddders that stretch from the ground to the top of the roof.

Almost ready

These houses are almost ready to be moved in to. Most of them are in some variation of depressing gray.


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