Friday, January 19, 2024

A good week for snow in Bethesda


Southbound on Old Georgetown Road at Democracy Blvd

It's been a good week for snow here in Bethesda.  At the beginning of the week we got 4+ inches which closed school on Tuesday and Wednesday, then last night and today we got another 3 or so.  School was again closed.  By this afternoon the accumulation had mostly stopped though there were still flurries coming down.

The roads are wet but clear. Bike lanes, on the other hand, are not clear. There doesn't appear to be a plan for clearing them.

Looking south on Old Georgetown Road

This is the intersection with Cheshire Drive, at the south end of Wildwood.  Driving is fine now but things will freeze up overnight so consider curling up with a cup of hot cocoa tonight instead of going out.

Wildwood parking lot

Parking lots are not in as good shape as the roads, but they were actively clearing them at both Wildwood and Georgetown Square.

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