Monday, October 2, 2023

4909 Auburn construction

 Construction has really progressed since my last update in April. Then there were just two stories above ground, now there are about a dozen. Another thing that has changed is the project now has it's own website promising "timeless, Scandinavian inspired interiors". The apartments will be available in mid 2024.


The building towers over it's neighbors.  The lower floors are starting to get covered up, but the top floors have a way to go.


The main part of the building fronts Auburn Avenue in Bethesda, MD (no surprise there). It is near the corner of Auburn and Norfolk, with just the small building containing V Nails, Cornucopia, and Jack the Clipper next to it.


Along Auburn Avenue, the lane adjacent to the construction is closed, but there is still two-way traffic along the block.


From the top floor of the parking garage across the street, you can only see the top five floors.


There is one entrance on Norfolk Avenue, this used to be the entrance to the parking lot for the Auburn Professional Building, now it will contain a retail storefront.



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