Sunday, September 3, 2023

St. Elmo Apartments construction


St. Elmo Apartments is making progress.  I last wrote about the St. Elmo construction in October.  At that time, it was a big hole in the ground.  Now it is rapidly gaining height.


St. Elmo Apartments in context


From the top of a nearby parking garage, you can more easily see how tall St. Elmo is and what is around it.  To the left is Bistro Provence and to it's right is Bainbridge Bethesda. When it is completed, it will have 276 apartments and 6,000 sq ft of retail in a 22 story building. It will also have four levels of below-grade parking with 220 parking spots.

On the ground, Fairmont Ave


Here is the building at ground level on Fairmont Avenue, there is still a lot of work to do.  On the right you can see the side of Bainbridge Betehsda. The pedestrian alley (or promenade as they call it) that currently exists will be widened as part of the project.

St. Elmo from St. Elmo

 Here is the construction from St. Elmo Avenue. The main entrance will be here.


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