Saturday, August 5, 2023

Caroline Freeland Park Renovation

Caroline Freeland Park in Bethesda, Maryland is currently closed for renovation and has been since July 10th.  The park is still in the demolition phase with piles of concrete and stacks of tree trunks and roots scattered around.  This renovation will be significant and will take a while. The park isn't scheduled to reopen until some time in 2024.

This is where the playground was. As you can see, almost all the play equipment has been removed and is strewn about. The replacement playground will be in the same spot and according to Montgomery Parks, it will be larger.  The current playground renovated in 2010.

Piles of wood and piles of concrete at the site of the Caroline Freeland park. This area of the park will retain an emergency vehicle accessible Hampden Lane and will have an open central plaza

This is a photo from today showing that the park is blocked off with a chain link fence. Arlington Road is on the left, the library is not in the picture but is just to the right.


This is a photo from June, showing the park from roughly the same spot prior to construction starting.


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