Saturday, December 31, 2022

Go Hiking: Seneca Ridge Trail

 It is winter now, and I don't do a lot of hiking in the winter.  Friday, however, was in the upper 50's and, after how cold it was Christmas weekend, getting out of the house was welcome. Sunday will be equally warm, so it is another good day to get out and hike.  I went on the Seneca Ridge Trail which starts on Road in Darnestown, Maryland.  From here the trail goes West towards Maryland Route 118, Germantown Road.

Winter is a good time to find signs of prior habitation, like this old, rusty cooler.  There are what look to be foundations of a couple of houses on the left of the trail near the start.

The trail soon crosses an old, disused, road. If you follow it up to the end you will find a couple of parking lots. I didn't see any other remains of what was here. I believe this is the National Capital Trap and Skeet club.  From a video I found on YouTube, it looks like in 2015 there was a lot more remaining. If you know have any more information, leave a comment.


The trail goes through an area with many dead pine trees.  Several of them have been broken off about 10 feet above the ground.

The trail continues around through the woods for several miles. Since it is winter and you are on a ridge, you can see pretty far through the trees.

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