Saturday, April 9, 2016

Linifying pictures

 I ran acrross an interesting website called linify.  You upload a picture, and it tries to automatically recreate it with nothing but colored straight lines.  I decided to give it a try with a picture I took of delicate arch in Utah.
 For the first pass I took the defaults, the picture recreated with 2,500 lines.  It looks pretty good, but looses a lot of the detail.

Next up I went all the way, 10,000 lines, trying the 500 times for each line to find the best one.  It showed up with lots of detail, but it is way too dark and too red.

 For the final picture I used a pretty common cheat.  I took the first 2,500 line picture and overlayed it on the original, letting about 30% of the original show through.  This gives me the detail of the actual picture but with the straight lines from the redrawing.  I like how the lines are clearly related to the picture and not randomly placed around it.  I like the final picture, but not as much as I like the original.  Non-the-less, it is a neat effect.

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