Thursday, May 27, 2010

UPS at the USPS

I was leaving the post office (the one by Montgomery Mall) this morning and I see a UPS truck out front. I'm thinking the UPS guy needed to mail a letter which seems humorous to me. I've always heard the UPS doesn't ship to post office boxes so I was surprised to see the UPS driver unloading a whole hand truck full of small packages. How very odd.


  1. you haven't said anything about 4900 fairmont or the monty. signs signalling upcoming construction are up but i can't see any further than that. do you know dates and schedules?

  2. I haven't heard anything since I last posted about it, almost a year ago now. You can see what I wrote about The Monty here

  3. Dancez Dancez, the last tenant on the site, moved out on June 15. When I went by there Friday night (the 18th), they were demolishing the interior. Dancez Dancez has moved to the other side of the block, in the new building that houses Fresh Grill, but has not re-opened yet.