Friday, February 23, 2007

Trader Joe's Joe's O's

They are not as similar to Cheerios as I expected, they are a bit more airy, but still very crunchy. They are also a bit larger. The main selling point is that they are organic. Overall I like them about as much as Cherios, and are great for feeding to young kids.


  1. I think that they taste like Fruit Loops without any flavoring or sugar. That is, sort of like crunchy cardboard. I'll take real Cheerios any day. Also, if you look at the ingredients, one of the big ones is wheat flour, so I'm not sure that they are even as good for you as real Cheerios.

    Anyway, I've had better generic Cheerios from just about any other grocery store.

  2. you guys both must be cigarette smokers with burned out taste buds.

    Trader Joes' O's are far SUPERIOR TO CHEERIOS. They taste more cheerios like than cheerios, I did a side by side comparison.